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Pidok Plastic Manufacturing Line


Pidok Plastic also uses the industry's leading brand machineries and equipments.

Eventually, the weaving processed of the product has been completed.

In manufacturing line due to customer demand,

  • The Fabrics are taken into automatic cutting and sewing machines in requested sizes as serial and sequential manners.
  • Heat Cut or Over-lock can be made to the Fabrics.
  • The Fabrics, which have been finished cutting and sewing processes, are taken place to both automatic and manual counting procedures.
  • Eventually, The Fabrics are made ready for shipment as claimed packing shapes.

In The Line of Manufacturing and As a Result of the Process, Quality Control Tests made to samples taken among and aftermost are the ultimate tests having utmost importance before dispatch from the plant and shipment to customers.

Samples taken for tests are measured in terms of;

  • Cutting Type
  • Width & Length Measurement
  • Seam Quality
  • Sack Tissue Control
  • Weight & Gsm (gram/m2) Control
  • Bale Weight Control

Measurements tests are done to ensure both the quality and the standardization processes are already achieved along the production.