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PP Transparent Bag

The raw material of Transparent Bags used in the field of Agricultural Packaging and Food Products is 100% Polypropylene.

Transparent bags are preferred between sacks due to the transparency.

Transparent bags allow showing the product to be controlled exactly.

In the hot weather during harvest period, the ventilation holes are opened on sacks for air circulation to prevent the formation of intra sack-sweating and evaporation.


Transparent bags are used for packaging like potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, eggplant, radish, cabbage, peas, carrots and also vegetables or fruits such as plums.

Recently, in terms of knowledge and perception of being visible externally of the product, transparent bags have been used for the packaging of industrial products.

PP Transparent Bags

  • Available widths are between 25cm to 85cm.
  • Available lengths are between 35cm to 200cm.
  • Mouths of the bags are overlocked or heat cut.
  • Upon to request, one or both sides, any color printing can be done
  • If requested,
    • To provide air flow
    • To create homogenous environment
    • To prevent moisture in sacks
    • Air vent holes can be opened.
  • Shipment takes place in Bales.
  • Each shipped bale has 1000 pieces of content and is covered with PP Fabric.