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PP Large Bags

The raw material of Large Bags used in the field of Agricultural Packaging and Industrial Products is 100% Polypropylene.


Agricultural: Cotton, straw

Industrial: Textile, yarn, fiber

Large bags are employed for the packaging of products as above.

PP Large Bags,

  • Available widths are between 85cm to 150cm.
  • Mouths of the bags are over-locked or heat cut.
  • Bottom Single Fold Single Seam.
  • Can be applied UV stabilization.
  • Laser cutting is carried away, if desired.
  • Width can be removed up to 300cm as a single layer.
  • Shipment takes place in Bales.
  • Each shipped bale has 250, 300 or 500 pieces of content and is covered with PP Fabric.
  • If requested, as tubular fabric rolls can be produced and shipped.