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PP Ground Cover

The raw material of Ground Cover used in the field of Agricultural Textile is 100% Polypropylene.


PP Ground Cover is applied under the soil during the garden landscaping and prevents the emergence of weeds.

PP Ground Cover is used in the fight against weeds in agricultural areas.

PP Ground Cover helps to struggle against soil bacteria, fungus and mildew formation.

PP Ground Cover assists the correct placement in planning Greenhouses and Flower Production Facilities due to its weaving pattern and ensures maximum efficiency.

PP Ground Cover application to the soil reduces the evaporation and helps to keep the soil moist during dry-periods.

PP Ground Cover,

  • Available widths are between 100cm to 375cm
  • Can be produced in the requested length and density
  • UV treated.
  • Black, White or can be produced in the requested color.
  • Any Color Stripes could be inserted upon to request.
  • If requested, fabric can be folded before the shipment in terms of less volume occupancy.