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PE Shading Nets

The raw material of Shading Nets used in the field of Agricultural, Gardening and Animal Husbandry is 100% Polyethylene.


PE Shading Nets are used in the field of animal breeding, greenhouse, ornamental plant cultivation, arboriculture, gardening and farming.

PE Shading Nets are also used in Car Parking Areas of Shopping Malls, Tourism Areas and Trade Centers.

PE Shading Nets provide shadowing on the terraces of the houses and in front of the artisan shops.

In place shading, PE Shading Nets perform the light refraction equally. So, PE Shade Nets provide protection against the harmful rays of the sun within the desired rate.

The shading in place configures a healthy climate and reduces evaporation of irrigation in the area used.

In the process of shading in greenhouses, PE Shading Nets will extend the life of nylon coating and the use of agricultural equipment.

PE Shading Nets,

  • Available widths are between 100cm to 1000cm
  • Can be produced in the requested length and color.
  • If requested shipment can be made into rolls of 50m-100m-200m-500m.
  • Can be applied UV stabilization.
  • According to the demand Shading Density Range: 40% - 55% - 65% - 75% - 85% - 95% - Extra 95% as can be produced.