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PE Bird Nets

The raw material of Bird Nets used in the field of Agricultural Textile is 100% Polyethylene.


PE Bird Nets benefit in areas which will be used in the prevention of damages that may arise from birds.

The purpose is: The labor given and the production should be efficient.

Mostly PE Bird Nets are preferred to use in the field of Farming, Greenhouse, Ornamental Plants Cultivation, Arboriculture, Gardening and Flower Production Facility.

PE Bird Nets help to protect the settled areas during production and harvesting

PE Bird Nets,

  • Due to the raw material, the weaving pattern and its feature, in the space where PE Bird Nets are used, Bird Nets are both durable and provide natural air flows.
  • UV treated.
  • Available widths are between 100cm to 1000cm
  • Can be produced in the requested length and color.