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PE Bee Nets

The raw material of Bee Nets used in the field of Agricultural Textile, Greenhouses, Gardening and Flower Production Facility is 100% Polyethylene.


PE Bee Nets are used in the field of greenhouse and flower production facility.

PE Bee Nets are preferred in order to increase the efficiency and productivity in greenhouses and flower production facilities.

Mostly, PE Bee Nets are stretched to the ventilation zone in greenhouses and flower production facilities. PE Bee Nets prevent the escape to get out of BAMBUS from the facility that helps to transport of pollens between flowers to fertilize.

Furthermore, this remarkable work undertaken as a task for BAMBUS, PE Bee Nets provide great protection against birds and huge insects attack that may come from outside.

PE Bee Nets,

  • Due to the raw material, the weaving pattern and its feature, in the space where PE Bee Nets are used, PE Bee Nets are both durable and provide natural air flows.
  • UV treated.
  • Available widths are between 100cm to 1000cm
  • Can be produced in the requested length and color.
    The plastic raw material is processed and thermoformed by Extruder Machine in order to reshape in requested color and denier then the plastic strips are wrapped onto spools.
    The plastic tapes produced and approved quality standards are based processed at weaving looms that have been optimized and fitted according to the finished size requested by the customer to weave the product as soon as possible.
    In The Line of Manufacturing and As a Result of the Process, Quality Control Tests made to samples taken among and aftermost are the ultimate tests having utmost importance before dispatch from the plant and shipment to customers.
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