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PP Packing Twine

The raw material of Packing Twine used in the field of Agricultural and Packaging is 100% Polypropylene.

PP Packing Twine can be used in all kinds of small packaging jobs.

Neat twist structure of PP Packing twine provides an easy way to use without tangling while packing.


PP Packing Twines can be used for the heavy packages due to the high carrying capacity.

In general, PP Packing Twines are preferred in packaging and wrapping parcels up.

PP Packing Twine,

  • Fibrillated.
  • Antioxidant treated, if requested UV can be treated.
  • PP Packing Twine has high carrying capacity.
  • PP Packing Twine is unpatched and unknotted.
  • PP Packing Twine does not untie from the knot.
  • PP Packing Twine has high strength.
  • Can be produced in the requested color and denier.
  • PP Packing Twines are shipped after ThermoShrinked and labeling applications.
  • If requested, PP Binder Twines can be shipped as:
    In one spool of 1kg – 2kg – 3kg
    Two (2) pieces strapped spools.
    Ten (6) pieces put into sacks.
    Ten (10) pieces put into sacks.