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PP Horticulture (Greenhouse) Twine

The raw material of Horticulture Twine used in the field of Greenhouse and Horticulture is 100% Polypropylene.


PP Horticulture Twines are preferred in Hydroponic Greenhouses.

PP Horticulture Twines are resistant to the sun.

PP Horticulture Twines are requested in White or Natural color but any color is possible up on request.

PP Greenhouse Twine,

  • Fibrillated.
  • UV and Antioxidant treated.
  • PP Horticulture Twine is unpatched and unknotted.
  • PP Horticulture Twine does not untie from the knot.
  • PP Horticulture Twine has high strength.
  • Can be produced in the requested color and denier.
  • As often requested and is produced as 1 kg of 1000 m. & 1 kg of 1500 m.
  • PP Greenhouse Twines are shipped after ThermoShrinked and labeling applications.
  • If requested, PP Greenhouse Twines can be shipped as:
    In one spool of 1kg – 2kg
    Two (2) pieces strapped spools.
    Six (6) Pieces put into sacks.
  • PP Horticulture Twine shipped by Pallets to Truck or Containers. All pallets secured with stretch film.