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Baler Twine

The raw material of Baler Twine used in the field of Agricultural and Packaging is 100% Polypropylene.

PP Baler Twine is resistant to the sun.

Agricultural: Big Square Bales – Small Square Bales – Round Bales - Hay Baling

Packaging: Sacks mouth closing and packing twines.

PP Baler Twine,

  • Fibrillated.
  • UV and Antioxidant treated.
  • Carrying Capacity is between 65 kg and 350kg.
  • PP Baler Twine is unpatched and unknotted.
  • PP Baler Twine does not untie from the knot.
  • PP Baler Twine has high strength.
  • Can be produced in the requested color and denier.
  • PP Baler Twines are shipped after the ThermoShrinked application.
  • If requested, PP Baler Twines can be shipped as:
    In one spool of 4 Kg - 5kg – 8kg – 9kg
    Two (2) pieces put into cardboard boxes.
    Two (2) pieces strapped spools.
  • PP Baler Twine shipped by Pallets to Truck or Containers. All pallets secured with stretch film.