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Plastics are the materials which are usually solid at ordinary temperature and can be thermoformed and moldable with mechanical techniques by using pressure and heat.

About the use of plastics in our country starts in 1880. Plastic processing industry in our country has begun to be established after 1955 and this industry has improved day by day due to come a wide range of plastic into our daily lives.

The inexorable rise of plastic stems from two main features:

  • Plastics are lighter than metals and more insulating against heat and electricity, so plastics have superiority both physically and chemically.
  • Plastics are more abundant, cheaper and simpler manufacturing processes as a raw material, as a result plastics are more economical.

The most processed two plastic raw materials in the world are PE Polyethylene and PP Polypropylene.


Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic materials, is taken place almost everyone's daily life.

Main usage area of ​​the application is the packaging industry (plastic bags).

The Reasons for Preference:

  • Cost Advantage
  • Durability from -40ºC up to +130ºC
  • Resistance to Moisture and Chemicals
  • Having Appropriate Types for contact with Food
  • Being able to be Recycled
  • Being processed with all Thermoplastic Methods


Polypropylene is the world's second most common used plastic raw materials.

The Reasons for Preference:

  • Cost Advantage
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to be formed
  • Resistance to Chemical Oils and Solvents
  • High Strength
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Resistance to Humidity and Heat

Pidok Plastic manufacturing plant, which the main raw materials for production are polyethylene and polypropylene of Agricultural Packaging, Agricultural Textiles, Industrial Packaging and Industrial Textile products include:

  • PP Leno Bags
  • PP Transparent Bags
  • PP Woven & Laminated Bags
  • PP Large Bags
  • PP Ground Cover
  • PP Sulzer Fabric
  • PP Harvesting Fabric
  • PE Shading Nets
  • PE Bee Nets
  • PE Bird Nets
  • PE Monofilament Hail Nets
  • PE Wind Nets
  • PE Construction Protection Nets
  • PP Baler Twine
  • PP Binder Twine
  • PP Packing Twine
  • PP Greenhouse Twine
  • PP Bag Closing Twine

Pidok Plastic prefers the Extruder Machines, Spinning Lines, Weaving Looms Line and Plastic Manufacturing Line Machines through the machine technology of the leading brands in the industry to ensure the best quality and competitive services to the customers as soon as possible.

Pidok Plastic Spinning Line

The plastic raw material is processed and thermoformed by Extruder Machine in order to reshape in requested color and denier then the plastic strips are wrapped onto spools.

Quality Control Testing Procedures are implemented at all stages in the Spinning line.

In the measurement process in the laboratory, Full-Test Control System is applied to the samples taken from the process line at regular intervals.

By Full Test Control a sample application:

  • Strength
  • Elasticity
  • Weight
  • Tape Width

Measurements are made and the great importance is given to ensure the required standards.

Pidok Plastic Weaving Line

The plastic tapes produced and approved quality standards are based processed at weaving looms that have been optimized and fitted according to the finished size requested by the customer to weave the product as soon as possible.

Furthermore, if requested by the customer, the product is made ready for printing and various sizes of cutting types. Then, the product is moved to the dispatch warehouse.

Samples taken from the weaving process line at regular intervals,

  • Weight
  • Gsm – Gram Square Meter
  • Tape Width
  • Fabric density

Measurement tests are done. So, the product is ensured the required quality and standards.

Pidok Plastic Manufacturing Line

Pidok Plastic also uses the industry's leading brand machineries and equipments.

Eventually, the weaving processed of the product has been completed.

In manufacturing line due to customer demand,

  • The Fabrics are taken into automatic cutting and sewing machines in requested sizes as serial and sequential manners.
  • Heat Cut or Over-lock can be made to the Fabrics.
  • The Fabrics, which have been finished cutting and sewing processes, are taken place to both automatic and manual counting procedures.
  • Eventually, The Fabrics are made ready for shipment as claimed packing shapes.

In The Line of Manufacturing and As a Result of the Process, Quality Control Tests made to samples taken among and aftermost are the ultimate tests having utmost importance before dispatch from the plant and shipment to customers.

Samples taken for tests are measured in terms of;

  • Cutting Type
  • Width & Length Measurement
  • Seam Quality
  • Sack Tissue Control
  • Weight & Gsm (gram/m2) Control
  • Bale Weight Control

Measurements tests are done to ensure both the quality and the standardization processes are already achieved along the production.

Pidok Plastic shows great importance to the qualified employees’ human resource and the accumulation of technical knowledge in the process of production, so that experience makes the difference.

As a result of conducted business process training for being skilled technicians in our company, Our Company is referred to as creating an important source of business employment in our region and in the industry.


Pidok Plastic products have also ‘Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards’ Approved by Turkish Standards Institute and ‘Trademark Registration Certificate’ Approved by Turkish Patent Institute.